Week in review (June 8-14, 2020)

Last week I virtually traveled to Toronto, Canada (from my friend's photo); Kharkiv, Ukraine (from my own photo); Sheffield, UK (from the photo by hilaryandflo via indoorplantsdecor); Baltimore, USA (from a photo from an amazing garden feed of of Hilton Carter) and painted all these places without any underdrawing to plan and without any lines to add details or fix things. 
Also - I went to a real location - in the hills not too far from my home and painted this after I got home. 
This all continues to be a part of June experiment of 30x30DirectWatercolor - I just do it with gouache.

I also drew myself,  my family and friends in person and over the video calls and even got out to paint agapanthuses in my yard - - and here is what I shared:

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