Drawing and Painting Well-Chewed Pine Cones in my Sketchbook

I found some extravagantly chewed pine cones on my walk and spent some time drawing them, painting them, then drawing on top of all of that, and then drawing some more. This is an example of how my sketchbook page is developed over time and also an example how I can make a few interesting lines, then ruin them but keep working and then bring it together to be a part of my sketchbook. This is the final result (actually the really really final result is at the very end of this post as I added a little piece I made later on this page).  

and a video of how it all begun:

I was not able to stop after I turned my camera off and there is a timelapse of the second part of the process on my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/ChaHdTQJpnj/

And this is a really really final page from my sketchbook:

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