Drawn reports in the form of the portraits - war in Ukraine. August 9-13. 2022

August 9. Day 168 of the war.
We had some interesting exchange of news about preparation for the new school year on both sides of the ocean. I learned that teachers in Ukraine from the elementary school level to the university level are all getting ready (our family has lots of teachers). It sounded surreal to hear about cleaning classrooms and discussing lecture plans but it also sounded hopeful. My parents had some disagreements as to what to do with the ground-nesting bees that they found. We talked about the fact that the Ukrainian army is by large supported by volunteers and how we can support them. It was a good day. 

August 11. Day 169 of the war.
Some hard news from Kharkiv again - more buildings were destroyed, and more people were left without windows. Fires after the hits. But all people survived on this day. We discussed ways to help and support those we know and can reach. And back to how to support volunteers who take care of those who don't have support.   

August 13. Day 171 of the war.
A day with some hard conversations - as we are trying to navigate the inevitable approach of winter. The mood was somewhat somber as there is no clear and simple answer. Life, as it was, is broken but now it looks like it was perfect and it is hard to let go. Mom's blood pressure is off but she hopes that it will get better soon - "it definitely will get better when we win" - she says :) For now, I think pills will have to do the work but I assured her that we are working toward the victory.

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