Drawn reports in the form of the portraits - war in Ukraine. February 5-10, 2023.

February 7, 2023. Day 349 of war.
As we approach the end of February and as war around our home city of Kharkiv intensified again, we talk about the future trying to not talk about it. In light of the horrible earthquake in Syria and Turkey, my parents told me about their memories of the Spitak earthquake which happened in 1988 and took over 25 000 lives. They told me that I made a painting in response to it and then even helped me find it! (below).  

February 9, 2023. Day 351 of war.
My parents are watching all sorts of art shows online and then we talk about them. They reported on a good walk, and that cats came to the "meeting point" to get some attention. 

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