On My Table: First Day of February 2023.

Looks like February starts as a very purple month for me!

Some notes in addition to all of the above:
1. Clothespins that I am using to hold pages on my unruly sketchbook flat are really useful (and are easier to put up and leave less damage than the paper clamps I used before).
2. I am in love with the muted turquoise color of the Liquitex Acrylic Ink! 
3. My paint water is too pretty to change - so I expect everything will continue to be slightly purple for a few more days :)
4. I divided all Neocolor II crayons into "cold" (seen here) and "warm" boxes and now there is a bunch of colors that I keep moving from one section of the box into another every time the light changes in my studio.
5. I am getting close to the end of current my sketchbook and need to choose the next one. Close contenders are Strathmore 500 mixed media or Alpha from Stillma&Burn or Talens Art Creations - if my need for creamier paper wins. 
6. I carry a pocket sketchbook with me and use date stamp to separate entries. The beginning of February felt like a good time to refill my stamp with bright red Ink!  
7. My current "mostly used" pens are: 
- Muji Gel Ink Cap Type Ballpoint Pen 0.38mm - it is waterproof, thin, and durable. 
- Zig Memory System Calligraphy Marker (I like driving them into the ground - so much texture at the end!)
8. It would be impossible to list all of the semi-transparent papers that I am playing with but there are some baking and fast food sources in the pile! 

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