One Year

February 24, 2023. Day 365 of war.

One year since my parents woke up to the sound of artillery and missiles hitting the city where they live - Kharkiv. One year since the full-scale aggression by russia broke our lives into "before" and "after". I've drawn over 200 portraits of my parents during our video calls. I've lost and found so many things this year. Everyone around me did. But we survived. It would be impossible without all the support - from the people who care - about the right to choose freedom, about stopping evil, about kids studying in bomb shelters, about old people who need food and medicine, about making borscht, feeding animals, and living life as full as possible - even during the war.

Please support my fundraiser for Nova Ukraine - it will run till March 7, 2023.
GIFT: If you will donate $25 or more to Nova Ukraine I will send you a link to a digital file with my illustrated recipe for Ukrainian Borscht. Make Borscht - Not War
You can donate via Facebook:
Or directly at Nova Ukraine site (please send me a screenshot of the receipt via DM):

Every dollar and every share of this fundraiser will help.

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