Two exhibits that I want to see in 2023.

There are two exhibits that are happening soon. One is talked about a lot in the press - it is the biggest exhibit of Vermeer ever! And it is running from February 10 to June 14th, 2023 in Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. There is a lot of great info online and I've been browsing scanned close-ups for all the joy of light that Vermeer paintings bring.

And a second exhibit is in Nahmad Contemporary gallery in New York and is titled "Henri Matisse and Jonas Wood" and runs from February 14 to March 12, 2023. There is not a lot of information about particular works that will be included but that is surely a juxtaposition I would love to see! The boldness of colors, graphical shapes, and all of that wrapped in an endless story filled with plants!

Vermeer's works are rather small, whereas when I hear the names of both Matisse and Wood what pops up in my head are large, expansive canvases. Vermeer has shadows and light so nuanced that you never know when one starts and the other ends and both Matisse and Wood are amazing in how they make flat colors do so much work. But I think they all are very much about everyday little fleeting moments and that is what I would love to see! 
Images above belong to respective artists/institutions and are screenshots from:

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