Drawn reports in the form of the portraits - war in Ukraine. May 8-13, 2023.

May 8-13, 2023. Days 439-444 of war.

My parents did not talk about the WWII victory day this year - did not even mention it. It used to be a huge topic, but not anymore. All the conversations were around the latest bombings in Ukraine and the complicated situation in different regions, around their dear Kharkiv in particular. And around people - people who hold Ukraine together with their good deeds - every tiny thing helps.

I learned that cats still have no names but are differentiated by their color. It is important to mention that my parents disagree on the names of some colors so I cannot be sure if it was a blue cat or a gray-blue cat that boldly tried to get inside their apartment and hide under a blanket on the bed. But one of them did!

The subject of what people take with them when they run from the war is something I think about a lot. There was a short video by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency that I saw several years ago. It is called "What They Took With Them" - where actors from around the globe read from the list of answers from refugees. When I saw this video first I remember that I was surprised by how many times I heard "home keys". Nothing on that list surprises me now. 

My Mom took her diary from the last two years with her. And she is illuminating me sometimes with little quotes and comparisons. This week she noted that they are definitely walking more now. But the density of life cannot be compared. She did not say anything else. 

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