On My Table: Beginning of May 2023.

Beginning of May:

1. My large project left lots of gouache stains all over the table and a few parts can be shared - like the crab below :)

2. I am making lots of works with stencils and they are all over my table. The knife with a yellow handle is the one that gives me maximum control of the shape I am cutting - this is an OLFA Designer Graphic Art Knife

3. My gouache palette is in flux - I am trying several things at this time and judging by the fact that I go back to carrying some tubes/jars and a mixing surface, none of the options are working right now. 

4. This month I mixed some custom colors with the POSCA markers that were not being used and made myself a new warm steel gray, lovely olive, light pink, and gently-pinkish purple. 

5. My current favorite pen to draw with is a modified pilot parallel pen - I wrote about it being in rotation before

6. My violets stopped producing new buds and are happily changing into the later stages of their lives - ochre and burnt sienna spots on their petals are just now getting to be more visible.

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