Drawn reports in the form of the portraits - war in Ukraine. May 21-28, 2023.

May 21-28, 2023. Days 453-460 of war.
Mom continues to work on her memoirs and is writing about her first visit to the USA. The ending of that trip went not as planned as Mom was supposed to fly out on September 12, 2001. Which obviously did not happen and instead she flew a week later. She still has (back home - in Kharkiv) newspapers from those days - she wrote about all of that as well as lots of little details which she picked up as her travel was through New York. 

Cats are being very loud lately and there was a "sneaking and entering" when one of the blue-grays jumped between Mom's feet into the room, got up to the sink, spent a little time sitting there drinking, and ran away. Mom put some water out for the cats. 

Dad found a pretty bead during one of their walks and gave it to Mom as a present. He spent a night fighting mosquitos (they always prefer him to Mom) but looks something was found to help with the mosquito attacks so hopefully night sleep interruptions will go back to the previous number of reasons :)


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