Video flip-through my Sketchbook #148

I finished Sketchbook #148 quite some time ago and finally made a video of a flip through - it is below and on my youtube. Some screenshots are also below. 

This sketchbook started with my trip to Croatia to see my parents and their portraits of war in Ukraine are threaded through the sketchbook after that too. There are several outings to sketch with friends, lots of everyday life sketches, and of course, gouache and stencils.

This was a 8.3" x 5.1" Art Creation Sketchbook from Royal Talens which I kept from February 11, 2023 till April 11, 2023 and in these two months time it gained 160g of ink, paint, glue and paper!


  1. Beautiful, I loved looking through the painting of your parents and your travels. All the layers with the flowers are inspirational.