On My Table: Beginning of December 2023.

This year the end of November was a super busy time for me and it spilled into December (expectedly) which means that my table is way more messy these days - accumulating tiny sketches, notes, and treasures that I am planning to draw. My date stamp and masking tape help me to keep track of what notes and sketches happened when. I managed to forget my drawing tools twice last week when I went on another errand run - but no more - I now carry 2 spares! I started a new project and look for the "perfect" textured pencil for it. And I finished a big project (which deserves a separate post but it will have to wait a bit). All in all - I am excited about the end of the year and looking forward to some travel in 2024 (see - I made a sketchbook for it already - with the help from wonderful Gay Kraeger!). 

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