Video Tour Through Sketchbook Number 149

I worked in Sketchbook #149 from the beginning of April till the beginning of June 2023. 
This was an 8 x 10" Softcover Alpha Sketchbook from Stillman&Birn. The paper can take a lot and has a lovely tooth that works great with my mixed media style - from printmaking to gouache to watercolor and ink. And yet it does not induce a feeling of preciousness in me - so I work in it without hesitation or fear of ruining anything. Glue and tape also perform great with it - so my compulsive layering really works. 

This book covered the best of spring in California: Superbloom of Our State Poppies, Red Flanders Poppies, Irises, my African violets, and lots of other flowers and plants. 

I sketched during my interview with Nishant Jain: Sneaky Art Podcast: A Conversation in Two Parts.

I had a blast Urban Sketching Online with A Street View World Tour - as a Guest Artist we drew Kharkiv, Ukraine and I visited other places in the world with the same crowd before and after.

Many portraits of my parents. And lots of people sketching.

You can see them all in a full video here:

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