Reading Notes: Beatrice Alemagna

Beatrice Alemagna is one of the childrens books illustrators and authors whose work relatively recently discovered and whose work I keep coming back to. She is on my list of "whatever book comes out I must see" :) I recently realized that I have quite a few names on this list and finally decided to put them into writing and I think I will add these names/dates of the next books coming out to my calendar next year - might add a layer of excitement to a barrage of appointments and meetings that usually populate my calendar.  Do you have a list of things you are waiting for?

So this holiday season I got all the books by Alemagna that were available in my library system and here they are with some notes:

These are some spreads too (please tell me you have a theory of why one of the neon orange jackets is not colored in?)

And here are things that I enjoy tracking down in every book:
A. Polkadot patterns (there are many patterns but I think there is a special place for polka dots in every book.

B. View angles! And absolutely unstoppable movement!

C. What parts of these illustrations are drawn and what are glued in/ sometimes collaged with photos?

D. Faces that look both inside and outside:

Beatrice Alemagna has a new book coming out soon and I am very much looking forward to it! "Pepper and me" will be available in January 2024.

For more of the awesome colors, lines, textures and overall wild and riveting illustrations - see Beatrice Alemagna in Instagram. 

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