Year in Sketchbooks - 2023.

2023 was long yet it passed by super quickly. It was full, emotional, hard, complex, rewarding and interesting. As I work on a full summary I see that a lot of it made it to my public sketches in one form or another. But in any case, I am super glad that I sketched through it all. 

As soon as I am done writing this text I will go draw a pile of presents on a last spread of Sketchbook #153 and I prepared a lovely handmade book to take me in 2024. Which means 7 sketchbooks in 2023. Here they are all at once - from #147 to #153.

I posted video flip-throughs of books 147 - 151 on my youtube channel and will make video tours of the rest early in 2024. 

All of the books are much fatter by the time I finish them though some show it more than others as I continue enjoying layering things to the brim. The sketchbook with a round number 150 was celebrated with some bold experiments- a large sketchbook that deserved it's own tag on this blog :) I had some amazing travel experiences close and far this year and tried to record them all. Some hard conversations. Some beautiful flowers. Dear friends. Searches and celebrations. Good memories.

I did a lot of mixed media experiments, enjoyed working with gouache a lot, and of course, continued printmaking on the go and in my sketchbook. Lots of new materials. Some big and some little projects have not made it to this blog yet - so I am adding a line for sharing them in my 2024 plans and signing out for now. See you in 2024! Let it be filled with light and hope! 

Here are links to some previous "end of the year" posts: 


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