ONE WEEK 100 PEOPLE: Sketching Challenge (March 9-13, 2020)

I will be taking a part in the One Week 100 People Sketching Challenge (#oneweek100people2020) which is hosted by Marc Holmes and Liz Steel. I've done it before but last year I failed to complete it so I hope to do better this March 9-13th.
Here is how I am getting ready:

I made a list of my personal guidelines:
1. Stick to the same materials through the whole series but have a backup if suddenly need to change an approach. But be flexible - use other materials if you feel inspired or there is nothing else available  - don't be a slave to your original choices.
2. Prepare all materials beforehand.
3. Make materials easy to carry with you always so that you can contribute even during an unplanned slot of time.
4. Have a list of places where you plan to sketch and plan time in your day when you will be in that place.
5. Have a list of things you can concentrate on when sketching people.
6. Make a calendar where you can mark how much is done each day - cross for each of 10 sketches.
7. Schedule time to share your progress day-by-day with others.
8. Add these sketches (all of them as a single book o the best ones you choose) to the main sketchbook after the end of the challenge.

Here are my options for the materials:
- limited palette gouache - tube or two in a pocket
- pentel pocket brush pen - think about the paper!
- pencil and creamy paper - limit colors
- liquid watercolors - limit palette
- gray ink (flowy) and black felt nib pen (control) - duotone
- completely crazy brush and ink, large paper size
- iPad and Procreate or Fresco
- Pull a pen out of the bag at random and just go with it

Here is a list of places where I plan to draw people:
- Library
- Cafe
- Park (Tennis and basketball courts, dancing elders circle, playground)
- Swimming pool
- Evening TV
- Video/Classes online
- Museum 
- Doctor's office
- Video calls with people

What to concentrate on (one a day or do one from each in every day?)
- faces
- gestures
- crazy fast moving bodies
- whole figures or parts (hands, feet, hair)
- groups of people
- sketch the place, add people later

Let's see how this will go!


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