My Life Under Coronavirus Quarantine.

These are unusual times. I thought that as someone who worked from home for many years now I will just continue doing what I usually do and will have an advantage of everything being "as usual" for me.
But as I found out it is not so.
  • Kids are home all the time; 
  • Parents are home all the time;
  • Whole Bay Area is under a "shelter in place" order (meaning you leave home for essential business only and to get some fresh air. But should stay 6 feet (2 m) away from other people);
  • The discipline of not checking the news, email and social media is down;
  • Worry about relatives, friends, and the world, in general, is up;
  • Ability to concentrate or tolerate weather is down;
  • Hypochondria (as well as suspicion about every cough anyone produces) is up;
I am trying to sketch through all of this but accepting whatever happens on the page, setting a timer and just making my hand move for some uninterrupted number of minutes. Also - by sketching every time I go out - even for a minute :)


  1. I feel so many of the same feelings...normally I love to stay home, but it's very different when you must evaluate every risk if you walk out the door. Take care, Nina.