What is on my table?

* Timer. This is one of the main wisdom of my life: time needs to be measured and recorded. I use the times when I am on the roll, I use it when I am in a rut. Here is how it works: turn it on - just for 5 minutes if that is all you can or all you have - and do something without interruption, without switching to other things, without questioning. Then do it again. Especially useful in the current situation.
** A little while ago I realized that I love my materials and hoard them a bit but don't use them as much as I could. As a result, I do not get as much joy out of them and feel guilty for spending money and for taking space and time on picking them. But if I get my joy out of them - there is no guilt and there is art. Here is my current solution: I created these two boxes. I put all my pens in box number one. And after I drew with a pen I would move it to box number two. This way I started rotating through all my pens, realized that some I can let go because I don't want to come back to them but others I love and I forgot about some of my pens completely! Now I go through everything in box #1 and then move all the pens out of #2 into #1 and start all over. 
I am working on somewhat similar solutions for other materials - I will try to take a picture soon.

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