Sketching disasters (or not so much)

Last week was filled with sketching disasters - which turned out to be not so much of disasters as experiments :)

On the first day, I forgot my tube of white gouache. But I sketched a pink tree and some single flowers too.

On the second day, I forgot my palette with actual paints and had only my mixing surface with me - on which I had some leftover paint mixes (quite a bit as I found out). I sketch another plum tree in bloom.

On the third day, I went running with my pocket gouache kit (dry gouache set, pen, red and blue pencil, and waterbrush) and found out that my waterbrush is empty (it was wet enough for one change of color basically) and then my pen ran out of ink.

On the fourth day, I forgot that the new ink in the pen is water-soluble! And I had only a mini watercolor kit (no gouache to fix mistakes!). So I looked at a clear, colorful sunset I produced a dirty gray sketch.


  1. Wow, that was an impressive number of disasters! And yet you pulled through each one magnificently!

  2. thank you Miata - I was upset at the moment but now that I look back these feel more like experiments :)

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