Weekend or not?

One of the interesting things for me to figure out is how to differentiate weekdays from the weekends while we all are cooped up in the house all the time.
To make a weekend different I decided to not follow the schedule at all and instead of a walk around the block we went to a special place on both days - a bit further. Also - cooking something a little more special was helpful.

I sketched with just ink during the walk. Park was filled with people and everyone standing / looking at birds or just hanging there took too much space on the path for others to pass safely so added color at home.
Drawing mess on my table is one of my long-standing traditions and taking a few minutes to do this helps me to start doing things - whatever needs to be done. Motivation comes from the action - and just putting pen on paper and recording whatever is the first thing I see is the way I go.

All in all, it worked and the weekend was different. But on Monday I found out that switching back is not that easy :)

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