Drawn reports in the form of the portraits - war in Ukraine. July 20-24. 2022

July 20. Day 146 of the war.
We talk about another series of horrific deaths in Kharkiv. I read a lecture about cloud storage and how to use it. They tell me about their childhood profession aspirations (Mom wanted to be a cleaner and Dad wanted to write encyclopedias). Mom reported that the snail (that she was photographing) ran away from her and asks why am I laughing so hard :) The best thing in their day? A double rainbow!

July 22. Day 148 of the war.
The runaway snail was discovered by Dad who walked 6 circles. Mom wrote three pages of memoirs - both are great accomplishments! Mom says that writing is easier than talking because nobody interrupts her (I read her memoirs every day and discover so many things I never knew!) Dad got a package with some of his instruments and it made his day. The fact that mail still works despite the war baffles me in the best possible way. I will try and see if I can send them something - to check how true it is!

July 24. Day 150 of the war.
It's been five months since the lives of so many people changed forever. Five months of asking endless questions: when will this end and how? Will someone be punished for all of this horror? How can we live when this is happening? How to help? How to make people see this for what it is: open aggression and endless, shameless lies.
My parents told me today about another attack on Kharkiv, our dear friend was very close, the apartment lost all the windows on one side. He is ok -for whatever stands fot it these days - he is not hurt physically. Mom said: he sounds less scared now than earlier in the war, and is already working on fixing the windows situation - but he curses way more!

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