Getting back into rhythm

Coming back from a relatively-long vacation is always an interesting experiment in finding out what you think about the life you come back to :) My return to "normal life" is wrapped in endless coughing (multiple tests continue to be negative) and a realization that the normal to which I thought I used to return does not exist. So I am building a new normal - between trying to nap enough times to be awake in the evening, catching up on the projects and plans, and doing what makes me happy - looking at things and drawing them! 
This is a spread from my sketchbook this week. I was making a list of best moments from a trip and drew this place from a photo while catching up with a friend on a video call. And I drew flowers while on a shopping outing with my family, done in the best possible way: with some frozen yogurt, good conversations, and me drawing while others did the shopping part.


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