Drawn reports in the form of the portraits - war in Ukraine. November 30-December 3, 2022.

November 30, 2022. Day 280 of war.
My parents went for a tiny walk which ended up as a 2.5 hr stroll (record!). The weather was very nice, they met a lot of friendly people and some dogs to play with. Found good places to rest. My parents told me about Ukrainian singer whom they found on youtube. Dad told me about some adventures of traveling without tickets. Mom has reached a part of her memoirs where I can contribute a bit so we are trying to recall some events together these days. We discussed power banks and options for warming up for friends and family in Kharkiv.

December 3, 2022. Day 283 of the war.
We talk about new Ukrainian words that my parents prepared for me, and some physics effects of yogurt and acrylic markers (that I was shaking during the call). Dad told me a story about making money by sitting exams for someone else and Mom told me about her excursion to get the trash out. We talk about the war and all the people connected to it, the conversation is punctuated by listing all the things that we are grateful for. 

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