Drawn reports in the form of the portraits - war in Ukraine. December 3-11, 2022.

December 7, 2022. Day 288 of war.
My parents prepared me with a fresh batch of Ukrainian words to learn. I am not sure how much I will use the one for the special headgear for a married woman but Dad thinks that word for thighs is very important - otherwise, how will I explain which part of the chicken to give me at the store? We talk about some famous tennis players and how their sport was connected to the theatrical performance on the court. They had a great day with a long walk and made it to a cathedral - which is much further than they'd been before. They celebrate the win and tell me that will take it easy the next day. 

December 10, 2022. Day 290 of war.
We talk about people in Odessa without power and heating. Then about people in Kyiv, then Kharkiv, then all the small and large cities that we could remember. Talking about all the parts of Ukraine brings memories of all kinds of people that my parents knew and were friends with - and this is how they start smiling and telling me stories. Then there is a short break in the story and Mom says out of the blue: I am no longer afraid of the airplane sound. But thunder still scares me. Then we are back to their youth and Dad tells me how he was copying some forbidden literature by hand. 

December 11, 2022. Day 291 of war.
I messed up my drawing several times and was able to fix some things - but Dad's eye got a patch treatment. Somehow it made Mom laugh a lot. I will do it more often now :)
We talk about a famous artist Vasily Vereshchagin who did a lot of travel and war-related paintings. Mom comments that her favorite part is the sky in all his works. And was is horrible any way you look at it. Dad is whistling a part of SiƩbel from the opera Faust. I am not familiar with how it should be performed but this does not sound bad.

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