Drawn reports in the form of the portraits - war in Ukraine. December 13-17, 2022.

December 13, 2022. Day 294 of war.
Some days are harder than others - because of weather, because of the war, time, and distance. They keep reading me poetry, this week Joseph Brodsky is cropping up a lot. They miss their home. 

December 15, 2022. Day 296 of war.
War brought many changes to our life. One of them is that my parents are suddenly aware of the results of the soccer world cup. They even have preferences and opinions about teams and players. I think this is as big an event as when my Mom told me something about a famous wrestler a few years back. We are talking about their medication regimen, and they tell me about new people they met on the street. About the new year and our hopes and plans. 

December 17, 2022. Day 298 of war.
My parents are collecting all sorts of treasures that they find on their walks: leaves, rocks, sea shells, etc. Mom shows me a teaspoon that Dad found on the street and gave to Mom as a present. I tell them about a wonderful evening I had - a life drawing party for a friend's birthday. I describe the place and people and tell them about all the greetings that were sent to them. They ask lots of questions. We talk about the nuclear fusion breakthrough and Dad tells us stories about his co-workers who were working with a particle accelerator. Dad tells me that he plays chess strategically. I ask him what this means and he tells me: "If I need a pick-me-up I play on my level. If I want to learn something I play above. The lessons are always waiting for me". Mom says "I am so grateful we are warm"- one day before the whole city of Kharkiv lost power, water, and heating. I am so grateful that my parents are warm. 

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