Drawn reports in the form of the portraits - war in Ukraine. December 20-25, 2022.

December 20, 2022. Day 301 of war.
We talk about all the parts of family and friends in all the different parts of the world. Dad says that he thinks that biology is a spoiled Mineralogy and Mom says that she is not going to argue with him - it is just that biology is impressionism and Mineralogy is classicism and she prefers impressionism any day of the week. (Dad is a chemist and physicist and Mom is a biologist). They prepared a bunch of new words in Ukrainian to discuss with me. Dad says that I made Mom's face too dark in my drawing and I add color. When he sees the result his comment is "leave my portrait as it is". 

December 22, 2022. Day 303 of war.
My parents had a good long walk and tell me all about the new place, the new route, and the dogs that they met. We talk about some algebra (Fibonacci numbers and Binoms). Mom shows me some beautiful leaves she found and lists a bunch of plant names I don't know hoping that I will help identify these. 

December 25, 2022. Day 306 of war.
Dad reports that he found a new cat in the neighborhood. They went to another new place in the morning and are very excited about it. Found lots of new treasures and were showing them to me. We talk about whether being smarter makes you happier and about some new Ukrainian words. I tell them about our holiday plans. 

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