Drawn reports in the form of the portraits - war in Ukraine. January 23-29, 2023.

January 24, 2023. Day 335 of war.
My parents went for a walk and made a new soup. They saw a large parrot sitting in the car and spent some time communicating with it. We talk about all sorts of books that the youngest generation of the family is studying in school and talk about how well this literature "aged", which works survived better in our memory - from Orwell to Steinbeck through Salinger and Bradbury. Mom ends conversation by saying suddenly: everything pales next to the actual war. 

January 26, 2023. Day 337 of war.
I experimented with some tissue paper for drawing and enjoyed painting on it with a soft brush. But did not take that many notes because this paper is too fragile for a pen actually. Some topics that we discussed were too fragile for making notes too - so it worked out just about right. 
January 29, 2023. Day 340 of war.
The parrot in the car made its appearance in the everyday life reports again. As well as cats who have a special feeding fence where Mom goes to pet some of them. They prepared new Ukrainian words for me as usual. Mom gave Dad a haircut and he is happy about it (Mom says that this can be considered her new profession! 

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