From The Summer Trip: Sunrises on Adriatic Sea (Part 1)

Sunsets are amazing! Never-ending attempt to see everything and notice simultaneously all the changes, enjoy the view, and try to put it on paper. It is a challenge that you can rely upon. Even when it is cloudy and looks like there is no change in the light - there is so much to see. In short: I love sunsets. But as I learned on my summer trip - sunrises are just as amazing :) Not that I never saw a sunrise - but this time I saw a whole bunch of them in a sequence. It added such a glorious rhythm to my days and a relished layer of memories about the trip! I would walk through the dark streets, sit on the beach, and enjoy painting up until the sun would blind me and make me go for a swim. I divided my sketches into two parts - here is the first of them:

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