Starting the Orange Season Early

I never could choose which season I like the most because each of them has some amazing things happening :) But for someone whose color palette always has to contain some version of orange color, fall is a special time of the year :)
I recently heard an interesting sentence while listening to a podcast interview with Mark Hearld: he said (about standing in a field in fall) that it is "one of the great color experiences of my year". I've been thinking about my personal set of "great color experiences of the year" ever since :) And fall is filled with them! Yet there are almost no hints that colors are going to change here in California (yet) but there are pumpkins everywhere!!!
So - I put on an orange shirt and went sketching with Suhita at a pumpkin patch at a local farm! Cosentino Family Farm is located in the middle of Silicon Valley and has been cared for by a lovely local family since 1945! They have some very tasty local fruit, an orchard where you can see how it grows, with people who care for it right next to it and they organize some interesting food events - you can learn more on their Instagram: CosentinoFamilyFarm.   

There was so much orange!!! I had to do another sketch and concentrate on greens :) Figeater beetles were circling us (I want to catch one now to draw!) as we packed up our sketching gear, picked some apples, and made plans to come back. 

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