From The Summer Trip: Sunrises on Adriatic Sea (Part 2)

Images below are the second half of my experience of following the sun getting out from behind the mountain. (Part 1 is here). 

I shared these sunrises with my parents (who continue meeting the sun regularly), people sleeping on the beach, people cleaning the beach, many birds (pigeons, seagulls, crows, and some I did not identify), several serious cats, and a few agile kittens. After the sun would get up and I would get my swim, locals would arrive for their swimming time, many already knew my parents and greeted them in Ukrainian, and others got a reply from my parents in Croatian. Then dogs and their walkers. First shop owners and farmers arrive at the market. It was amazing - seeing a town waking up slowly. Now I am thinking that I should have drawn all of that - but by that time the temperature was scorching! You cannot have it all - and I had my sunrises :) 

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