On My Table: Beginning of September 2023.

This month I am playing with the new toy: tempera art sticks! This is a kid's art supply and I am unequivocally sure that you should not ask about lightfastness pigment stability and other characteristics but the fun component is high for me! These are buttery, bold, and easy to apply. I can cover a large surface densely and quickly but also can have an interesting dry brush effect if I use them lightly. They dry to a lovely surface which is a joy to work over with dry media or ink. They re-wet well - so you can do all sorts of wet media things with them (including getting some pigment on a thin brush to do detail work). They are delightfully smudgy :) And I plan to do some stencil experiments with them! 


  1. Those look like they would be fun on black paper! I need to shop for art supplies more often in the toy section. ;-)

    1. oh - what a great idea - pulling the black paper out right away!