Daily reports in the form of the portraits - war in Ukraine. May 10-14. 2022

We did not have a chance to do a video call for a couple of days, but we spoke on the phone and I asked Mom and Dad to draw each other so that we would not have such a large "gap" in their portraits:) 

Here is what they sent me:

May 13-14, 2022. Days 79-80 of the war.
Mom found some asparagus, and we are discussing ways to prepare it. Volunteers brought a lot of preserves and household items - very thoughtful! There is a cat that started visiting them regularly. 
My parents got a haircut - one of the neighbors is a professional hairdresser and is trying to make some money by visiting people at home. Gas is hard to find (and it is very expensive) so her services are advertised through the volunteers and neighbors, and then she catches a ride if someone is going in the way of her potential clients. They are telling me stories from their childhoods and childhoods of my brothers and me.

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