Daily reports in the form of the portraits - war in Ukraine. May 8-9. 2022

May 8, 2022, Day 74.
Mom tells me a story about the tax that was introduced after the war (then she corrects herself - previous war). It was a tax on trees, and many people removed trees from their properties to avoid paying taxes. And many villages became bare and much less pretty. The tax was later removed and people planted trees back but the culture was changed in many places, and it says a lot about people who chose to keep the trees and people who removed them as soon as the tax was introduced. We come back often to the cultural differences in decorating houses and streets and to food preferences and the way how people in russia and Ukraine chose what to grow in their orchards and backyards. 

May 9, 2022, Day 75.
It was a cold day, and they are wearing extra layers. Adjusting medications, and discussing food. They read to me a poem I never heard - together - it always surprises me how many poems they know and read together. The day was filled with taking hundreds of photos of beautiful spiders that can be found in the flowers. They also were making a fruit punch. Mom thought that she was the one making it, and Dad thought that he was the one making it - both were adjusting it multiple times "to fix". They say it is very tasty.

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