Recent Project: Live Illustration

I had an amazing time sketchnoting (visual representation of the verbal delivery of content or exchange of ideas). during the event at the biotechnology company, DayTwo

I drew live during the presentations and meetings and used both analog and digital formats to capture my notes with words and, more importantly - images. Analog sketchnoting was done on large paper and digital form became some images and short animations which summarize the content of the meeting in a fast and easy-to-digest form. Here is an example of the characters that appeared in my illustrations of the meetings. 

I also personalized some swag for the participants of the events. 

We finished our adventure in the kitchen of a @charlesvollmar - a popular chef of Epicurean Exchange. The team, led by Chef Charlie, created a wonderful spring Italian meal and I sketched them as they worked. The result was a concertina sketchbook filled with the team busy preparing a dinner and a wonderful feast which we shared to celebrate the end of the event.  


  1. These are all wonderful! :-)

    1. thank you! I enjoyed working on this concertina during the course of the evening!