Year in Sketchbooks - 2022.

I started 2022 in the middle of Sketchbook #138 and I am not working in Sketchbook #147. It means that in 12 months I finished about 10 sketchbooks. I have over 160 portraits of my parents in them - documenting our conversations from before the war than through the first artillery sounding in Kharkiv and through everything that happened during the next 311 days. 

Taking a stock of everything that happened this year is very personal, hard, and sensitive and I will not be sharing much here. I’m glad that I sketched through all. And very grateful for all the support I received online and in real life - I hold it all inside me when I look into 2023. Thank you!

p.s. Here is one plan I want to share: I hope that at the end of 2023 I will be able to make a "year end results" post like I did in 2021

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