Art and War in Ukraine. Part 2. Artist - Fanny Lechevalier and Varvara Logvyn.

Continuing with the topic of art and war in Ukraine. 

French artist Fanny Lechevalier creates a series of works where she combines famous paintings with photos from the war in Ukraine. She makes these astonishingly seamless combinations that make two worlds collide. For me, these works highlight a big part of my life now - the impossibility of what is happening with the reality of it and with the existence of the things beyond this. I suggest browsing through Fanny Levhevalier's instagram:
I took a few screenshots from her instagram to share some of my personal favorites:

Ukrainian artist Varvara Logvyn (Варвара Логвин) uses traditional folk motives to paint anti-tank defense hedgehogs placed all over Ukraine. Washington Post ran an article about her work in August of 2022: "Ukrainian artist turns antitank ‘hedgehog’ into symbol of resistance". And in her instagram she shares instructions as to how to paint on the hedgehogs and you can see the process in her video (I always enjoy looking at how people work, share their process!). 
For me in this simple act of making the world around you a little prettier, a little better - despite everything that is happening, out of whatever is available, over whatever circumstances, in time when thinking about making pretty pictures seems futile and out of place - but still making them - this is one of the reasons why I believe that Ukraine will win. Because I see so many people showing this wonderful human quality - of this and for this - to continue doing this - Ukraine will win. 
Following screenshots are from Varvara Logvyn's instagram:

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