Drawn reports in the form of the portraits - war in Ukraine. October 10-15, 2022

October 10, 2022. Day 229 of war.
It was a hard day. russia launched a massive wave of strikes targeting cities across Ukraine. A lot of civil infrastructures were damaged and many people were left without power, water, and connection. Many killed. As soon as some ways of communication started working we exchanged news of family and friends, and then miracle city workers restored power and I was able to talk to my parents on video. Today I heard stories of grown-up people, kids, cats, and dogs being very scared. But I heard even more stories of people helping each other to get to the shelter, supporting each other with hugs and food, and songs and stories. Of people giving money to support those who need it most and to support resistance to this evil. Stories of kindness, generosity, and action on those feelings. And that is why we will prevail.

October 12, 2022. Day 231 of war.
Power is still not available during large parts of the day and phone connection is spotty. But we had enough bandwidth to have a video call. We talk about some books in Ukrainian and Dad is singing me songs. But recent attacks visible from the window shook everyone.

October 15, 2022. Day 234 of war.
Despite power still being available only during parts of the day, the overall mood is better. Mom is back to writing memoirs and making soup. Dad is back to trying to talk to cats as he used to talk to dogs. We talk about interesting Ukrainian last names, go over friends and family, and remember some people from their past.

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