San Jose History Museum and Park

History San Jose has an attractive collection of historical houses that were transported to a lovely park setting from all over the city. Most are carefully restored (though one was wonderfully dilapidated and became the first one to be sketched of course!). I went there to sketch with Suhita and Cathy on a lovely Tuesday morning when there were very few people in the park but a lot of activity in preparation for Halloween! 

While we were sketching this old fire station, a park ranger drove past in a little cart and waved to us with a bright smile and a coffin in the back of his cart. For this sketch I will share two variations - first is a cleaned-up version - with all my notes removed and some mistakes (not all - but the most glaring) corrected. But since truth is a complicated thing I am sharing another interpretation which is also truthful - but not about how the building looks like - I lied about that. This rendition is truthful about me and my sketchbook. It has my mistakes and my notes - this is how I will remember this building and the day enjoying a conversation, lovely view, and doing what I love - with friends. 

There were at least two stray cats - one was guarding the dilapidated house and you can see it in my sketch if you look carefully (Cathy later found out it was an old tankhouse) and another was a lovely shiny black cat who passed by us while we were sketching the poet's home. I think I saw another cat but I was running out of time and chose to finish the sketch instead of investigating the cat situation. By that time the sun came out and I managed to get yellow paint all over myself :)

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