My Tools Update

Here are a few new tools that I am using daily, all recent finds that I would like to share.

The first one is a very nice white paint marker from MICADOR. It was a present and I could not find a link. But it has very nice coverage and I am always looking for a really solid black and really strong white.

Note on the image above - where it does not look so great: the paper in this wonderful Cappuccino Sketchbook from Hahnemuhle has some quirks when I scan it. It is not really suitable for wet media but I know that I can overcome it by accepting some backing and working on different papers to be glued in later. But the color is so inviting - it looks much better in person (not to mention the lovely sleek surface that I am enjoying when I use a nice pen). That slickness is the reason why some materials are acting weird - like this paint marker that suddenly got a metallic shine and more transparency on this paper. 
The second new tool is a removable tape from Scotch. It is a scotch tape that does not damage (so far) my paper when I attach it on the wall and it does not damage my paper when I use it as a masking tape for painting. I find it a little unusual to have transparent masking tape as I paint over it and then have to search by feel to remove it all - but so far the paper is not torn - and that is what counts!

The third new find is a Twist Top Squeeze Bottles (1oz) with Dispensing Caps. I filled one with the glue (that I dilute a bit) and another one with the white gouache - my fourth recent discovery: a caran d'ache white gouache eco.

Having a more liquid than usual material allows me for better coverage on large surfaces and in tight spots - which is helpful with glue. But it is an even bigger win for gouache - actually four wins: 

(1) A paint that is more liquid means easier mixing. 

(2) An ability to work with smaller, more precise, and sometimes more springy brushes. 

(3) It gives me more control over how much paint I add. 

(4) In this container, it means that the paint is not contaminated - white always stays white.

This bottle closes securely so I can carry it with me on location and the construction of it is such that dropping it or flipping it over does not result in a spill. 
I can squeeze some fresh paint directly on my palette. 
I can paint with the top opening or make a puddle on the page and then disperse it with some tools or brushes (it feels amazing to push paint with your fingers - give it a try if it's been a while!).
I can apply some paint directly onto my paintbrush. 

I think this little bottle will find a home in many of my kits - might become a sister to my water spray bottle (which as I recently learned, sometimes is called an atomizer).


  1. Hi I love your idea of having gouache in a squeezy bottle. I only have Winsor & Newton gouache in a tube and it is very thick, certainly not squeezable in a thin line. Do you know if it is OK to water it down?

    1. I believe so. Though I did not try it personally - the idea of having it in a bottle came to me when I acquired a very liquid gouache. But I would certainly try! Best of luck - and please let me know how it goes!

  2. What brand of Twist Top Squeeze Bottle?