Sketching at the Almaden Lake: Stencils and Gouache

I went to Almaden Lake in San Jose to sketch with Suhita (@suhitasketchin the middle of a very hectic week and it was a much needed reset on many levels! 

Here ate two takes on the same eucalyptus tree. First one is done by using stencils and printing in my sketchbook with the details added with ink and brush. Second is a gouache interpretation of the same scene. 

And here is a look down at the Almaden creek: I started with the stencils to make large shapes and finished with gouache. 



  1. I really like that tree and am fascinated with the stencil process. I'm working with what you taught at Asilomar with some interesting results. It's a wonderful way of seeing shapes.

    1. I am so glad you are taking the "stencil way of thinking" and making it your own! thank you for letting me know - it makes all the difference!