Pentel Pocket Brush Pens with Color Inks

In honor of this being an Inktober month (I am not doing it this year) I wanted to write about one of my all-time favorite tools for drawing, writing, sketching, and painting tools. This is one of the "desert island" must haves for me: the Pentel Pocket Brush pen. It comes with lovely black color ink and has a wide range of thicknesses that you can pull off with it. It works great even on the first attempt, but you can take it to a new level if you take the time to get there. And it is virtually indestructible. I drew most of my badgers with one and it is still alive and used almost daily! (and for every 455 of published ones I probably drew 10 not published at least!) 

Lately, I tried it with gray and sepia inks (pre-filled cartridges sold by Pentel) but when I saw it with an actual color in Austin Kleon's newsletter - I knew that I would be experimenting with this myself. I chose Higgins Pigmented Drawing Ink in Yellow and Blue and loved them so much! 

And then I added Carmine Red and now I have a classical triad. But I decided to dilute the ink with some water as both blue and red were too overpowering.

Truth be told I am thinking about mixing some of these colors to make more (orange in particular!!) And I am also trying different inks - but this triad is already a winner for me!

Here is a quick sketch I just did with it:

p.s. I miss doing inktober and drawing badgers :)


  1. I miss your badgers but I am glad I have the book . Thank you!

    1. thank you! (I still draw them sometimes, you know ;) but no longer share :)