Drawn reports in the form of the portraits - war in Ukraine. December 27-31, 2022.

December 27, 2022. Day 307 of war.
We talk about differences between different artists and how Dad's personality matches his favorite Pieter Bruegel (Dad adds - the elder - the kids are always lesser artists!) and Mom (politely) says "he is great, his kids were great too - but Hieronymus Bosch is so much crazier!" Then they go into particular paintings and I frantically search online for images to follow the conversation :)

December 29, 2022. Day 309 of war.
Weather, health, and blood pressure were dominating our conversations on that day. But I entertained them with the description of my tire repair process (which I sketched). I tried to make it interesting but Dad knew about all the "really cool equipment" that I was drawing and whispered to Mom what I would be telling about next. 
December 30, 2022. Day 310 of war.
We are getting close to a New Year Ever, which means that we talk about the hard work of getting results of this year on paper and the impossibility of making plans. But also how, despite everything, we are doing both. Based on how much more paint I spent on Dad's portrait and how I drew his hand, I was trying to get some answers out of him without any results. But I did not write anything from that part of the conversation. The big thing is that my parents went for a walk again - after a few days of not feeling well enough - and it is a huge mood lift for all of us. Intentionally choosing a frame for whatever is happening is what I will practice more this year.

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