One Sketchbook Page in 3 Parts

I got this amazing little bouquet from a friend - it was purple and pink and was challenging me with new shapes and transforming colors with every turn of my head so I kept coming back to it. It all started with my attempt to capture my excitement about all the colors that I saw by painting a statement background (with some neon acrylic inks and gouache) and then drawing over it with a pencil - more like making some notes about what I would be painting later. 

I did a video of this first part as a time-lapse:

And then I added gouache - you can see a slightly sped-up video of a process here.

And then I added some layers of color over - but forgot to capture the process. The end result however is here:

This bouquet got 4 posts on my blog:
One Sketchbook Page in 3 Parts
Life cycle of a bouquet (Part 1- with paper experiments)
Life cycle of a bouquet (Part 2 - Gouache and Ink + Watercolor)
Life cycle of a bouquet (Part 3 - the last days)

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