Drawn reports in the form of the portraits - war in Ukraine. January 16-22, 2023.

January 16, 2023. Day 327 of war.
Some of the conversations happen during dinner times and some of the dinner conversations run wild and hot - Dad was explaining something to me and was much closer to the screen, talking with his hands a lot. I managed to edit huge hands out of my sketch but only after we finished our video call I noticed how much smaller Mom is here. We talked about the venn diagram between being smart and being cunning and went into the abyss of the topic of whether pieces of art and literature can be used as sources of historical knowledge. 

January 18, 2023. Day 329 of war.
I did not write much during this conversation as we were troubleshooting all sorts of everyday life things: fridge, ventilation, email, hearing aids, Mom, Dad, computer, headphones, iPad - in short - some days equipment just does not want to talk to you, same with people.
January 22, 2023. Day 333 of war.
My Dad recommended I try eating salted herring with bananas and Mom told me all about cats and the weather. Both of these conversations meant that both parents are doing fine. We went over the list of relatives (there are some important birthdays of great-grandkids coming up!). Dad was discussing ways of fixing his cane with me. 

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