On My Table: First Days of January 2023.

January started with heavy rains flodding highways, and winds that moved furniture and scared birds. Many plants came inside to survive these atmospheric rivers and rain bombs. And I got a new tool for watering them - a bottle with a long nose - it teaches me patience and precision. 

I started growing a few bulbs but not sure what some of them are. 

A vertical pencil case is very handy because it has a loop that allows me to attach it to my belt/pants for drawing outside. I promised a review of my pencils and hope to make it one day!

My paint rug was too colorful to remove from the desk :)  

The current portable gouache kit fits in a pencil box - I carry a limited number of colors (see the photo for the current favorites) and an old pencil tin works as a mixing area.

Some surprisingly-colored acrylic inks make their way onto my table lately - though I am yet to use them alone. 

And my blotting paper is always inside my sketchbook. It is just a couple of sheets of good watercolor paper which I tape together with artist's tape to allow for a flexible closure - and I use it as a bookmark and as a way to safely close my sketchbook on a wet sketch. 


  1. What kind of standing pencil case is that? I'm looking for something similar!

    1. This is Kokuyo NeoCritz Large Pencil Case - I think JetPens carries them: https://www.jetpens.com/Kokuyo-NeoCritz-Large-Pencil-Case-Dark-Gray-Pink/pd/18513