Daily reports in the form of the portraits - war in Ukraine. March 19-20, 2002

My conversations with my parents.  They are in Kharkiv, Ukraine, the city is being shelled by Russian army for over three weeks.

March 19
We talked about how we now have time to read poetry and have lengthy conversations about Ukrainian proverbs. They listed all the events of the day and told me about food that was delivered by the city: 2 carrots, 2 little packages of milk, 10 bags of tea, and a jar of preserves. They told me about a jar of food that they opened today - it said “fish” but inside was meat :) Mom said: it is quiet now and we can talk - how nice of them. And we laughed. At the absurdity of this and at the sadness and at the sincerity of the gratitude for this break. 

March 20
Kharkiv's water supply system was bombed by russian aggressors and large parts of the city were left without water. But brave and devoted city workers are making miracles happen and my parents had water returned by the end of the day. Meds arrived too and my mom got to stand in the sun for a little while with a friend who made this happen and delivered meds. We are so grateful to all the people who keep Kharkiv running as a whole and for every single individual helper who supports people who are still inside - be that from afar or from within. Thank you!

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