International Women's Day


8th of March is an international women’s day. My family never celebrated it because it was a soviet holiday and not supporting soviet holidays was our way of “being in opposition”. I know it is a puny thing and looks funny from afar but it was a signature thing for my parents. They did it politely and not everyone knew about this - but my Mom would raise an eyebrow if Dad would joke about celebrating the 8th of March. So it is especially interesting that today they had a celebration. It was a relatively quiet day, “nothing flew into the center part of the city” as my Dad greeted me when I called. And they invited all the neighbors and had a celebratory feast and then spent time with the people - just talking about little things, remembering. Some of these people they know for 70+ years, some are “new” (meaning they know them for about 30 years ;) and some are “very new” - people I don’t know :) They said that it felt good and they looked much stronger today. People are amazing and I am so grateful for all who support each other - during these days especially. Mom said: I am glad that we don’t know what will be tomorrow - it would be sad to know for sure. But today was a good day.

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