Daily war reports in the form of portraits.

I keep drawing my parents in Ukraine - these are days 4, 5, and 6 of the war. 

They list people who call on them, tell me about food that is left, how all routines are not working now. They tell me about places in Kharkiv that I know that are now destroyed or damaged. The air raid alarm goes off during the calls regularly. We talk about amazing people that surround them - a neighbor brought some potatoes, garlic, and dry bread. And they had some preserves to share. Friends and relatives checking upon them. People organize support for each other. We talk about some Ukrainian words, I tell them about all the friends and strangers that send their support in any way they can. 

Thank you to all who care about them close and far. Thank you to all who defend the city of Kharkiv which is now shelled multiple times a day and the country that Russia invaded 6 days ago on a false pretense of liberation. Ukraine is a free country and Russia is drowning in lies, following the rule of dictator, murderer, and war criminal Putin.

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