Magical Forest and Persimmons

It's that time of the year again - when my sketchbook, windowsills, and snack plate are all filled with persimmons! I will share my growing collection of drawings soon but right now I am still reeling from the wonderful trip up to the Santa Cruz Mountains to visit the magical garden and forest of Gay Kraeger

Suhita and I packed out bags full of the latest art toys to share and had such a wonderful time drawing with Gay who, as usual, is growing an art community around her - an incredibly generous teacher and friend and always a watercolor journaling inspiration!

This is a look at a persimmon tree while sitting under it. One is done with my stencils and masks and another is a free-flowing use of the gouache as watercolors.

For the second sketching session, we went up the hill where the cold wind got us sitting close to the ground behind a fence and I sketched two views from the same locations.

And here is a link to Suhita sketching the same tree and then sketching Gay and me sitting next to her.

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