On My Table: First Days of November 2022.

A few words to add to the picture:

I am enjoying Kuretake Zig Memory System Calligraphy Marker in black a lot these days. Haven't tried it in other colors but might. After all - the holiday season is upon us :)

I am painting with gouache, working with stencils, and using lots of other media in a new sketchbook. That white bottle in the middle of the sketchbook contains white gouache - I wrote about it and that sketchbook here

I have some new pencils and enjoy making palettes with them. Thinking about sharing some details - interested?

I voted early. Please vote - wherever you are and whatever your position is - it is important to not be indifferent to what is happening in the world! 

It's a persimmon season here in California and I plan to draw them (almost) all! 

I wish you a wonderful November.


  1. Yes, I'm interested in seeing and hearing about your new pencils! :-)

    1. I hope to write more - they are all color pencils ;)

  2. Definitely want to hear more about your new pencils. Your beginning-of-the-month table views are always invigorating.